Mouflon Sheep Hunting in Hawaii

Mouflon Sheep are often considered the most highly prized game mammal on the Island of Hawaii. They live in rough lava flows at high elevation close to the summits of the Big Islands Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa volcanoes as well as the Island of Lanai.

The Mouflon is thought to be one of the two original ancestors of all modern day sheep. It originated on the islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Cyprus, but has been introduced in much of Europe and to the Hawaiian Islands as well.

The Mouflon were introduced to Hawaii in the 1960s and are about the size of a medium sheep with the weight range of 55-120 pounds. They are 4-5 feet long, and stand about 2-4 feet tall at the shoulders. They also have a rough coat that provides amazing camouflage against the Hawaiian red dirt and lava rock.

Hunting in Hawaii for Mouflon can be a big challenge due to the fact they have keen eyesight and alertness with a tendency to seek dense brush when spotted. Yes, it’s hard sometimes but Hawaii Safaris has excursions designed to give you a good shot to bag one of the highest prized animals in the islands.